Welcome To Our Free Roaming Cat Adoption Room

This is the adoption center for Animal Friends Connection Humane Society. We rely on a network of kind volunteers to provide foster care for most of our animals. Most of our dogs and many of our cats have been placed in either a foster home or are in a rescue home. We have a cat adoption room where cats can be seen and adopted seven days a week. Prior to arriving in our adoption room they are housed in a separate quarantine area. We quarantine to assure that new cats are healthy. After twelve days of no URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) or other medical problems they are moved to the adoption room in our center. All of the cats here have been spayed or neutered, tested negative for FeLV (feline leukemia virus) & FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) , vaccinations started or completed, de wormed, free of fleas with topical flea treatment. They are ready and waiting for the right guardian to adopt them.

The adoption center is a room of about 20x30 feet we have three rooms inside the large room that are about 4' x 8', one 10'x10' room and two 5'x 4'. Nursing mothers and shy new comers are enclosed during their acclimation period. Otherwise the doors to the smaller rooms are open for them to run around freely. They have lots of cubby's to snuggle in or to escape for privacy. They have beds, toys, scratching posts, and a large cat condo they can play in. They even have a glass security-screen door to look out at ferns and smell the fresh air. We have volunteer cat cuddlers that come to pet, brush and play with them. Would you like to become a volunteer? Visit the Volunteer section to see how.
We hope to one day purchase a place of our own, where we can shelter some dogs as well. However we still prefer for most of our animals to remain in foster homes where they receive individual attention and training. As a matter of fact building our own place is on our wish list. Would you like to help? Please visit the SUPPORT US section, there you will find many different ways that you can contribute to our endeavors.

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