In a University of Maryland study conducted between 1977-1979, scientists discovered a correlation between pet ownership and human well-being. The study was conducted to determine the social factors related to mortality from heart disease--factors included income, social encounters, mood, neighborhood, and life changes. The subjects studied were 92 patients discharged from a coronary care unit. The study revealed that of the 92 patients discharged from the coronary care unit only three deaths occurred among the 53 pet owners, while of the 39 subjects who did not own pets, 11 died. After accounting for other variables, the researchers concluded that owning a pet improved a patient's chances for survival. (From Between Pets and People by Alan Beck and Aaron Katcher).

To enhance the human-animal bond and to help keep adopted pets in their new homes, Animal Friends Connections offers the following education programs:

Behavioral and husbandry seminars conducted by local experts.

First Aid for Pets, a workshop that shows proper first aid for your dog and cat.

Therapy dogs, a five-part education course to certify dogs and their owners as therapy teams.

Pet Loss Support, group support meetings for those who have lost a pet or anticipate the loss of a pet.

Feral Cats Program, support and advice on how to manage a feral cat colony.

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