We need your support in order to continue helping the animals in our foster & rescue network and be able to bring more animals into our adoption network. All donation are tax-deductable as allowed by law.

Just print and cut out the section below and mail it in. Its that simple. Our animals thank you.

------------------------------------Cut off here --------------------------------------------

I would like to Help the Animal Friends Connection Humane Society
Please Accept my donation of $____________ ______
Name ______________________________________________________
Mailing Address ______________________________________________
City __________________________, State _________, Zip ___________
Enclosed is my donation to the Animal Friends Connection Humane Society

Mail the cut off portion alone with your check made payable to Animal Friends Connection Humane Society and mail to :
Animal Friends Connection Humane Society
P.O. Box 2314
Lodi, CA 95241-2314

------------------------------------Cut off here --------------------------------------------

You can also donate to us through United Way. Our EIN# is 68-0315789.

Below are more ways you can help. By shopping through these quaility on-line stores. Part of your purchase will automatically go to our organization. YOU MUST click through the display below in order for your puchase to be credited to AFCHS.


You can also donate via Paypal account

Here is an abridged list of some of our regular expenses paid for by donation:

- Clorox.
- Instant hand sanitizer.
- Dryer sheets.
- Paper towels.
- Quality cat food.
- Quality kitten food.
- Kitten milk replacement
- Laundry soap.
- Large box scoopable cat litter.
- Spay/Neuter dogs and cats.
- Medical expense for dogs and cats.
- Phone bill.
- Internet service.
- Dog and cat monthly flea & tick treatment.
- Adoption center utilities.
- Rent for office space/adoption center.
- Educational materials.


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