Immediate Positions Available

All it takes is a few hours of spare time once a week to make a difference to the animals. Whether it's working with the public or working on a computer, opening your home to a foster animal, neutering and supervising feral cats, or helping people over the phone, we have something for you!

***** Students can get credit for their volunteer hours! *****

Mobile Adoption dog sitters:          
    Sit with dogs in a pen for the time they are at mobile adoptions. 
    (usually for 3-4 hours) These positions can be filled by responsible 
    kids, too!
Mobile Adoption site equipment setup::
    Help set up adoption equipment Friday night or Saturday morning in
    Stockton or Lodi. Help take down equipment and clean up Saturday or
    Sunday afternoon in Stockton or Lodi. Only requires a couple hours 
    per month.

Mobile Adoption Volunteer Coordinators : 
    To call on other volunteers to help with mobile adoptions. 
Cat Cuddlers for Maddies Cat Adoption Room : 
To provide comfort to the cats, groom them and help with cleaning their rooms.
Office & Clerical Support: 
    To keep our office running smoothly and our records orderly computer 
    skills a plus!
Mobile Adoption Site Coordinators/counselors: 
       To coordinate needy pets to come to adoption sites, 
To coordinate set-up and breakdown of adoptions,
To interview perspective adopters,
To coordinate pet deliveries to their new homes
. Fundraising Events support:
To help with Fundraising events activities.

It does take a commitment to help out. For more information e-mail Office.

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