Adoption Center.
Come and visit our Sanctuary/adoption center. There are many lovely cats and dogs waiting for their new guardians. We are open every day, except for holidays. Monday thru Friday from 11:30 AM to 5:45 PM, with appointment until 6:45 PM. Weekends from 11 AM until 3:30PM, with appointment until 4:15PM. Please visit the Adoption Center page for more information.

Support Us
Would you like to support our organization? There are many ways you can help the homeless dogs and cats. Help us take care of them by either a monetary donation, becoming a foster home, or becoming a volunteer. Please visit the Support Us section for more information.

Fund Raising Events
Throughout the year, Animal Friends Connection Humane Society puts on many fund raising events, three of our larger ones are the Furr Ball dinner/dance, the Fiesta dinner and the Jog a Dog. These events help to promote our goals and raise funds for our organization. Please visit the Fund Raising Events for more information.

Events Calendar
Want to find out when is the next pet adoption call our sanctuary at (209) 365-0535 they let you know of pet adoption events. It will also show you when our next educational workshops are and where they will be held. Some of our educational programs are Pets Behaving Badly, Pet Loss Support, and others.

Wish List
At Animal Friends Connection Humane Society we have many wishes. These wishes are things that can help us do a better job at helping out the animals in our adoption/foster network. Also these wishes can improve or expand our organization and be able to help more homeless animals. Below is a list of our current wishes:

- Copy paper and Postage stamps.
- Small size throw blankets for dog adoptions
- Warm blankets for our outdoor dog kennels, the ones with stuffing don’t work as the dogs chew them and remove the stuffing.
- Twin size blankets for inside the sanctuary and baby blankets for the cats
- Interactive toys for cats or dogs, the ones without stuffing or toys to throw.
- Cot style dog and cat beds, or other types of beds.
- Canidae dry Dog food, and “Chicken Soup for the dog loves soul canned dog food.
- Felidae dry Cat food, and Natural balance, Blue Buffalo or Nutro canned cat food.
- Break away Cat collars.
- Collars for small dogs ( sizes 7-11 and 11-14)
- 4 foot leashes for dogs
- Foster homes for our dogs or cats until they get adopted.
- Foster homes to quarantine new cats/kittens for 12 day terms prior to coming into the adoption center.
- Bleach, laundry detergent and paper towels
- A handy-person willing to donate time for repairs.
- Some one that enjoys gardening and can help keep the yard in shape
- Roll out lawn to fill in dead areas on the lawn at the sanctuary. Fast growing shade providing shrubs or smaller trees,
- Van and insurance.
- Bare Land or with a house for a permanent adoption center/shelter.

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